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You can fit a Grundels sealed glazed unit to any type of window, whether transomed & mullioned, round, small or large

Regardless of the period a property was built, the windows play an important role in the architectural impression. In order to retain as much as possible of a building's character the windows should not be changed much. Fitting insulating panes from the inside is thus a good way to reduce noise and energy wastage, as the exterior remains completely intact.

Normal single-glazed windows release about a third of the heat in a room, i.e. they are major energy-wasters

Heat loss is stated as a U value, which is a measure of the insulating efficiency of the combination of glass, frame and casement. The lower the U value the better the insulation. Grundels' sealed glazed units reduce a window's U value to about 1.2, thus reducing the energy loss by about 60%. The total energy saving is as much as 30%, leading to a relatively short repayment time on the overall investment.

Another effect of energy-saving windows is a reduction in downdraughts. When the indoor environment is not perceived as being draughty you can lower the temperature by about 2° without reducing comfort. This reduces energy consumption by a further 4-6%.

As well as saving energy, sealed glazed units contribute towards reducing wastage of resources. Existing and sound windows can remain in place instead of materials and resources being put into production of new products. Old windows also use very high-grade wood - something well-nigh impossible to find nowadays.

Installation of sealed glazed units halves noise disturbance in properties

Noise decreases by 5 to 13 decibels. We have thus often been hired by government clients such as the National Swedish Civil Aviation Administration and the National Swedish Road Administration, who require protection of surrounding buildings against noise disturbance.


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A window specialist focusing on energy solutions for the future

Grundels started back in 1982, and was initially a small artisan firm that did painting jobs and window renovations for all types of property. In 1992 Grundels Fönstersystem AB was formed, and this was the starting point for specialisation in windows. We concentrated on everything concerning window renovation and maintenance, and built up sound knowledge of the field.

Back in 1994 we started offering noise damping and energy rationalisation. During the 21st century the market ? including several major government players ? have been discovering our smart window solutions. We have built up our own logistics and planning solutions, which has meant we have been able to work efficiently throughout the country. In 2005 we approached the international markets.