Grundels ClimateGlass

Thermal Insulation Made Easy

Grundels ClimateGlass is the easy way to insulate a building envelope

Grundels ClimateGlass is the easy retrofit concept that insulates existing windows without changing to new windows, improving the whole building envelope. By adding an extra glass pane, ClimateGlass, to the existing window, single-glass windows become double-glass windows or double becomes triple. By adding Grundels ClimateGlass to existing window, the same insulating properties as a new window will be acheived. 

Did you know that ~60% of a buildings cooling load and ~35% heating load comes from windows?

In warmer climates, such as Southeast Asia the windows is the main source to high cooling load, as much as 60% of the cooling load comes from the windows and the heat that they transmitt to the temperature controlled indoor space. In colder climates like in the Nordic countries, heating is the main type of controlling temperature throughout the year. The heat loss, or the heat transmitted to the outside through the windows stands for about 35%.

Insulate where it matters 

A lot of energy can be saved by upgrading the windows. Grundels ClimateGlass make window insulation easy and as energy efficient as if a new window is installed - up to 70% lower cost compared to changing to new windows. The insulating value (U-Value) for a single-glass window is about 6.0, after applying a Grundels ClimateGlass that value drops to about 1.5. For a double-glass the value is about 3.0 and after turning it into a triple-glass window with Grundels ClimateGlass, the insulation value is reduced to about 1.2. 
Thailand Installation
Mounting Climate Glass in an office building in Bangkok, Thailand.

Sound proofing

The ClimateGlass is not only insualting for energy saving purpose, the insulation will also cut the noise from outside with at least 5dB(A), a percieved drop from outside noise level by more than 50%.

Improved indoor comfort

The ClimateGlass will improve the general indoor comfort by reducing cold or warm draft, heat radiation from the windows, and depending on what glass you decide to use the sun radiation thorugh the windows can also be cut significantly. This will lead to more even indoor temperature, people working in close proximity to the windows will feel more comfortable and enjoy being able to stand close to the windows without the feeling of it being too cold or warm. 
Installation Taiwan
Installation in an office building in Taiwan outsider of Taipei.

Sustainability & Aesthetics

Grundels ClimateGlass utilize the existing window as a whole, frames and glass will be reused and remain the core of the window. Normally the existing window frame as well as glass is still of good quality and there is no need to change the window because of worn out materials. The only reason for a change is to achive better insulating properties. Grundels ClimateGlass is the sustainable option to changing windows, all exisitng materials will be reused, there is close to no scrap. Moreover, the changes in aesthetics will be minimal - from the outside there will be no changes to the look of the windows and from the inside the changes will be hardly noticable.

30 minutes installation

Thermal insulation made easy, meaning installation time of about 20 minutes per window - all done from the inside. No scaffolding, no need to move the employees or furnitures as long as the installers has easy access to windows, approx. 1.5 meter free space from the windows. No dust or scrap that goes into the air and application of the ClimateGlass is noise less.

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A window insulation specialist focusing on sustainability and energy saving solutions

Grundels started back in 1982, and was initially a small artisan firm that did paint jobs and window renovations for all types of property. In 1992 Grundels Window System was formed, and this was the starting point for specialisation in window insulation.